Girls Forever Brave and True

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Amazon readers said:

  • “One of my favorite books of all time!”
  • “If you want to laugh and be engaged, buy this book.”
  • “It’s romantic, it’s funny, its political, and it has something to say.”
  • “I loved it, it was funny, and it made me cry.”

The critics:

“Virgins proved that Rivers could make us laugh. GFBT shows that she can make us think…a great, totally involving story.”

“What a pleasure… as fresh as this morning’s newspaper.”
The New York Times

“The most likable, natural, believable set of characters I have found in some time… Finding a book with three strong characters is quite difficult. One with four, well, it doesn’t happen very often. ‘Girls Forever Brave and True’ is one of the season’s most spirited novels.”
Book World

“A pleasure to read.”
The Washington Post

“A splendid trip into the world where politics takes the worry out of being close. Better than Buckley and more politically astute than Patti Davis, this is probably closer to what really happens in Washington than we’d care to believe.”
San Francisco Examiner

2 Responses so far.

  1. Jonathan Mullins says:

    My wife has been waiting for Girls Foever Brave and True in ebook. She found a listing on B& called Girls No More. It says it is a sequel to Virgins and my wife says the overview sounds like Girls Forever… Are these the same book? Has Girls Forever… been renamed?


    Jonathan Mullins

    • caryl rivers says:

      Hi Jonathan. yes, Girls Forever Brave and True has been republished as a e book with the Title Girls No More. I hope your wife enjoys it–thanks, caryl

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