Nuns and Virgins

With the republication of her novel set in the 1950s, Caryl Rivers considers the nuns who taught her and those who are still today the heart of the Catholic Church. Read the article at Women’s Media Center.

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  1. Monica B says:

    Hello. Thank you so much Ms. Rivers for releasing some of your work in ebook format! Finally after 28 years, I’ll get my copy of Virigns back when I lend it out to friends. Better yet, I can buy the book in one click and gift it to friends instead of loaning it out. Everybody wins!

    Virgins has been one of my favorite books since reading it in 84-85. I’ve read other books by you, but have not read Camelot. I look forward to doing so.

    I have two questions for you. Will Virgins ever be available in an audio book? (Please God. Please. I will never say I am a child of Mary, nor tell my children that St. Leon of Skorytt is a real saint ever again.)
    And, will More Joy than Rage ever be available in digital format as well?


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